TaaS: Testing for new age products

  • Account Manager

    SPOC for every interaction from test strategy through start a new test cycle.

  • Motivated Crowd

    Our CrowdTesters contribute to prove their might, not to just get paid.

  • Automation

    Offers pragmatic functional and non-functional test automation.

  • Seamless Reporting

    Get insightful reports to assist you analyse the health of your product.

Our TaaS center of excellence

Skytesters® Testing as a Service (TaaS) covers end-to-end testing starting with the testing requirements (Test functional area, technology), testing processes, pricing model (innovative commercial models), tools and frameworks (in-house, open-source and licensed) and finally the infrastructure needs.

Key Differentiators

All key testing services under one umbrella
Product engineering delivery specialists
Expert QA architects for quality excellence
Focus on compliance and business continuity
Customers include Fortune 500 companies
SLA based engagement model


We simply enable our customers in building world class quality product.