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Web Application

Web applications are fascinating .They captivate the enterprises with their own set of utility factors. A vivid user-friendly interface coupled with ease of access to highly valuable business data and resource adds value to its practicality.

But unfortunately, these are the very same reasons that convert the web applications into a major security threat for the organizations. There are certain unauthorized users in the dark, who also enjoy the same privilege of ‘user friendliness’, and a ‘quick’ access to the very same critical data which an authorized user is entitled to and this makes the organizations vulnerable to serious security risks.

With the above risks and factors in view, it is imperative for the organizations to implement a robust and an effective approach to plug the vulnerabilities. I also proves to be a check of the security of their websites and applications based on it.

Skytesters ensure that you accomplish this feat through the professional mobile testing services that we offer. We make use of the latest testing tools and techniques to ensure that you have quality work delivered without any compromise.

We offer testing services across all the domains, platforms, mobile devices and operating systems.

Our expertise :

So, web application testing is the testing methodology that’s entirely focused on the applications which are hosted on the World Wide Web. In layman terms, it is a potential bug check of your web application before it’s made live for the intended users or before the relevant code is deployed into the production environment.

Why is web application testing needed ?

It’s common for the web application programmers and developers to easily overlook the significance of security tests during the entire development process which raises a question and concern: How exactly are you doing justice to the final product by skipping the security tests ?

So, our advanced web application security testing services ensure that your information system protects the relevant data and maintains the intended stability. Our quality testing methodology involves an active check of the application for any kind of vulnerabilities, errors or technical flaws.

The web application professionals at Skytesters always focus on identifying the vulnerable factors and rectifying them at the earliest. The six basic security concepts that we follow are:

  • Authorization – Authorizing the relevant users to perform actions that they are entitled to do.
  • Integrity – Checking the correctness of the information that is being provided.
  • Confidentiality – The Information should be made accessible to only those who are authorized to access it.
  • Authentication – A user identity gets established.
  • Availability – Real time availability of information and communication services as per requirement.

Why Choose Web Application testing services from skytesters ?

At Skytesters, we have a dedicated team of web application testing engineers who proactively provide the most advanced testing solutions at a comparatively reduced cost and complexity.

With our vast web application development experience, we have been successfully delivering our valuable clients the following testing services:

  • Functionality Testing services : In functionality testing, we perform the following checks :
    • Verifying the website for any invalid redirects or dead pages.
    • End to end checking on each field.
    • Checks for invalid inputs to perform a negative testing.
    • Workflow check for the entire system.
    • Data integrity validation.
  • Usability testing: Checking the user friendliness of the entire application.
  • Interface testing: Checking of interface and the relevant data flow from one system to the other.
  • Compatibility testing: The compatibility of the following are done in a compatibility test :
    • Browser.
    • Operating system.
    • Compatibility with other devices like mobile, tabs etc.
  • Performance testing: The server response time is checked under various conditions such as:
    • Load testing
    • Stress testing
    • Soak testing
    • Spike testing

Along with these above mentioned tests, we also provide a vast variety of other highly advanced test services such as :

  • UI/UX Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Regression Testing (Automation support)
  • Exploratory Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Skytesters’ cloud-based solutions are completely devoid of any kind of capital expenditures for hardware or software. Our advanced web application testing tools can be accessed through an online portal and it doesn’t require any specific expertise.

With a guaranteed faster turnaround time, we also ensure the quality checking of your web applications that enhance the stability of the website. Undoubtedly, it helps in making your organization way more secure than before.

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