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Testing COE

A testing center of excellence (COE) is an organizational framework where the centralized service is testing and it’s shared across the entire firm.

Skytesters Testing Center of Excellence is the most practical framework that assures high level quality with an efficient development life cycle for the enterprise. It increases the product reliability, and helps maintain high profit margin for your organization.

Is there really a need for API testing?

An API acts as a window to a software program, which allows its interaction with other programs. This doesn’t require the involvement of a software developer to share the entire code. And this makes us realize how crucial the testing of an API would become.

Our testing COE services make use of multiple skill sets and top QA tools that help leverage innovation and ensure a quality that’s completely flawless.

Why do you require an active testing COE in place?

Your organization has a highly efficient testing team that is excellently developing positive results within the given time without compromising quality. So, do you still require a Testing COE in place ?

The answer is definitely Yes and it’s because an effective testing COE allows:

  • Increased overall agility of your organization.
  • Improving cost efficiency
  • Faster rate of product releases with flawless quality.
  • Improve quality
  • Tightening the alignment of quality efforts with the business needs.

What makes Skytesters Testing COE different from others ?

Our clients have always embraced our Testing COE services because we always make sure that you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Surety of your QA aligned to organizational goals rather than the individual project goals.
  • Establishment of a centralized framework of testing of systems, tools and processes.
  • Ensuring that testing resources with the desired domain skills is always available.
  • Assured quality with reduced testing time.
  • Establishment of a standardized QA process.
  • Prevention of issues related to missed deliveries and defective leakage.
  • Infusing better synergy into your organization
  • Help you sync with the latest developments.
  • Minimization of production support cost.
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