We partner with you to evaluate existing systems, identify gaps and areas of improvement, and develop best-in-class processes. Our practices are tailored to fit your technology environment and business needs.

Test Advisory & Transformation

Skytesters’ Test Advisory and Transformation services are a combination of enhanced testing expertise and a highly effective testing process that go far beyond the old school testing.

We ensure a continuous process enhancement by embedding quality assurance activities at each and every step.

This helps us achieve a level of process maturity and reduces your year-on-year testing investment to a great extent.

At Skytesters, we suggest and support the usage of a transformation methodology that’s more mature by nature.This helps our clients improve their cost of quality and the time-to-market without compromising the business and organizational goals.

Skytesters’ Advisory Services include the advisories for the following :

  • Agile Test Capabilities
  • Test Automation, tools and benchmark.

Skytesters' Transformation Services include:

  • Test Center of Excellence (TCOE)
  • Value additions to Test Engineering
  • Transformation services for Agile and test

How Beneficial is Skytesters' Test Advisory and Transformation services?

When you avail the professional advisory and transformation services from Skytesters, you get the following benefits:

  • You get access to the most reliable and agile business solutions that creatively brand up your business.
  • Guaranteed reduction in testing cycle time
  • We make it easier for you to generate a linear planning, test management, and reporting roadmap.
  • We help you standardize the entire test management process and generate reports that are standardized.
  • You achieve a reduced rate of impact and reason for failure.
  • The cost of testing is minimized to a great extent.
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