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Skytesters ALM Toolkit

ALM ToolKitr

SkyTesters ALM is the lightweight SaaS platform offering product development lifecycle management including Beta Testing capabilities. With our proven experience from CrowdTesting, same team has now build easiest Beta Testing platform for you. To keep things simple for startups, SkyTesters ALM further offers pragmatic approach to manage product requirements, agile sprints and defect management. Here are some of the key features of our outstanding services:

  • Flexible: Align with Agile development methodology but open with customizable development methodology.
  • One click operations: Proprietary features to manage Product/Project related artifacts without entering lengthy details.
  • Managed: Traceability starting form bug to the requirements.
  • Integrated: Professional services for integration with other project management and communication tools.
  • Bots: Professional services for chatbots based interface to work with the platform.
  • Automation: Professional services to integrate with automation suite and CI/CD tools.
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