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Security Testing

Security testing - Services that make your application more secure

Security Testing is a type of Software Testing that ensures the identification and fixing of any loophole in the software of a system or organization.

The aim of conducting a security test is to detect the possible threats in a system and take a measure of the resultant vulnerabilities. It also helps to identify the security risks that are associated with the application or software.

How does Skytesters Security Testing add value to your organization?

In today’s interconnected world where people depend more on online channels to carry out their transactions, even a minor security leak might cause the customer to lose confidence.

Moreover, security attacks have grown dramatically over the years, both in terms of quality and impact potential. In such scenarios, conducting security tests are the only way to identify the vulnerabilities and prevent it beforehand.

Skytesters’ highly precise security testing services offer the best protection for your organization, from severe loss due to security leaks in the software application. Our professional software testing services add a value to your organization as they have the following advantages:

Why is regression testing required?

This is the question that most of the clients ask themselves once they get clarity on the pellucid functioning of their software post re-testing. Retesting in reality is mere testing of the overall software functionality or a bug fix, repeatedly done in order to make sure that the code is completely fixed and normalcy is resumed. If the bugs are not fixed, the case is re-opened and the corrections are made again.

  • The ability to detect vulnerabilities that are highly complex in nature and isn’t visible without accessing the source code.
  • The ability to tell detect the exact location of any flaw in the entire source code.
  • The ability to provide a high quality framework during the development of the application that detects the weaknesses before they turn into security risks.

Methodology we follow :

Skytesters’ security testing services offer an in-detailed security assessment & code review, that helps to highlight security vulnerabilities in the software applications.

We have a team of experienced professionals who make use of the latest proprietary tools to carry out the security testing processes.

At Skytesters, we follow different methodologies such as :

  • Tiger Box: This testing helps in the carrying out of vulnerabilities assessment and attacks by penetration and security testers.
  • Black Box: The Testers are given the authority to perform testing on everything that relates to the network and the technology.
  • Grey Box: In this methodology, only partial amount of information is provided to the tester about the entire system, and this is considered as a hybrid mixture of black and white box models.

Types of Security Testing service we offer :

Supporting a variety of desktop, tablet, mobile or even cloud applications, we have been successfully testing the security of all the applications with precision.

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Performed through an automated software, vulnerability scanning helps us identify and protect the system from known vulnerability signatures.
  • Security Scanning: This type of testing involves identification of system and network weaknesses.
  • Penetration testing: In penetration testing, an attack from any malicious hacker is simulated virtually. This helps us analyse the complete system to be checked for potential vulnerabilities in case an incident of hacking occurs.
  • Risk Assessment:This involves analysing of the security risks that are observed in the organization.
  • Security Auditing: In security auditing, a complete audit is done through line by line inspection of the code. An end to end internal inspection is carried out for the Applications and Operating systems for checking possible flaws in the security.
  • Ethical hacking: The intention of this type of testing is to expose security flaws in the organization’s system by hacking into them.
  • Posture Assessment: Posture assessment is a combination of Ethical Hacking, Risk Assessment and Security scanning to project the overall security posture for the organization.
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