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Regression Testing

Time is a valuable source; especially when you are trying to develop your own software to make it more practical. Ever thought about the primary factor that consumes most of your time and budget in the entire process of software development? Yes, it’s definitely testing.

Now with the craftsmanship of highly dedicated and skilled team of regression testing professionals at Skytesters’ bay, you will be spared from the un-necessary time and budget allocation that you would make for your software development project.

Services provided by Skytesters

Skytesters has built a dedicated Performance Testing team that focuses on providing solutions around performance testing & engineering for our global clients. Our thought process focuses on performing in-depth analysis at the component level, dynamic profiling, & capacity evaluation in addition to testing and reporting helping isolate bottlenecks and providing appropriate recommendations.

Why is regression testing required?

This is the question that most of the clients ask themselves once they get clarity on the pellucid functioning of their software post re-testing. Retesting in reality is mere testing of the overall software functionality or a bug fix, repeatedly done in order to make sure that the code is completely fixed and normalcy is resumed. If the bugs are not fixed, the case is re-opened and the corrections are made again.

On the other hand, regression testing deals with hardcore in and out testing of the software when it has undergone a change in the code. This ensures that the latest change in the code has not affected the other functionality of the software in any possible way. In layman terms, Regression Testing is a simple black box testing methodology which ensures that the older version of the programme still works with the new changes that were made to it.

There arises a need for regression testing to be carried out, when you meet any of the below mentioned criteria in your product/software development:

  • New requirement for software functionality and the code gets modified for the same
  • New features get added to your software/product
  • When Critical defects are getting fixed
  • When performance related issues are getting fixed.

Regression testing Services that Skytesters Offers

With our team of dedicated regression testers and consulting expertise, we bring our experience supporting a vivid range of development platforms such as Desktop, Smartphone apps, Web/Cloud etc., along with specialized tools for project management and bug tracking.

Effectively rendering to details, our RT engineers execute regression testing to authenticate the software stability across diverse domains and structures. The most strategically aligned test execution plans are followed to ensure error free outcomes.

Listed below are the main Regression testing services offered from our end:

  • Automated regression testing
    We eliminate the hamster’s dilemma through automated regression testing. As all of us are aware of the poor little hamster that runs frantically on its carousel. No matter how hard he tries to run or how long he runs, he never seems to get anywhere. Our highly dedicated team of testing professionals has hands on experience in one of the most advanced automated testing tools. Thus, it has always succeeded in providing the best desired outputs in considerably lesser time and investment.
  • Corrective Testing
    This type of regression testing is carried out when there are no new changes introduced to the product’s specification. And needless to say, we are equipped with the desired skill set, who make use of the already existing test cases effectively to conduct the required test.
  • Test Case Management
    A test case repository can easily become unexpectedly vast and obsolete, if not managed properly at regular intervals. If the previous test cases are not deleted or updated with the latest details, it might cause mayhem of confusion for the QA team to the Development to Product. And this is where we get you covered with our enhanced regression test case management services. We assure to give quality test results in a shorter period of time.
  • Integration Testing
    The secret behind the core functionality of any complete software package depends on its interaction agility within its own multi pillar components. And we help you achieve this level of product accuracy through a dedicated series of integrations tests where individual units are combined and tested as a whole cluster. Our team of dedicated testers provides you the best integration testing services that help determine the product stability in the long run.
  • Progressive Testing
    Progressive testing comes badly in need when certain changes are made to the program specifications as well as the freshly designed new test cases. We conduct the most advanced progressive testing on your software. It ensures that there are no such features persisting from the previous version that might affect the new software’s overall performance and stability.
  • Application Testing
    No application is deprived of errors. Each application contains a particular area or strata that are always prone to errors. Hence, even minor changes in the application code can adversely affect it. We help you keep a track of these types of error prone areas in the application by adding the most relevant test cases carried out through our advanced application regression testing. This ensures a smooth and error free running of the application.
  • Endwise Testing
    Endwise testing comes into picture when the functionality of the integrated components of an application is at risk. We test your entire application in a real-world scenario such as communicating with the network, hardware, database and other selected applications. This pathway ensures precise detection of issues with the sub-systems and hence, increases the confidence of software product as a whole.

How will you be benefited by choosing our expert testing services?

We are a renowned name for providing our professional services to customers facing rare and highly complicated issues related to their field of business. And this has in turn, helped us formulate the correct understanding and aptitude about a wide variety of organizations.

And once you delegate your regression testing services to us, you get automatically entitled to the following benefits:

  • Assured high quality test results
  • Client and project confidentiality
  • Pocket friendly budget for our top class services
  • Top notch service from a team of highly skilled testers
  • Fastest turnaround time among competitors
  • Expert testing carried out using the latest tools like Selenium, Soap UI etc.
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