We partner with you to evaluate existing systems, identify gaps and areas of improvement, and develop best-in-class processes. Our practices are tailored to fit your technology environment and business needs.

Production Support Services/Testing

It’s a well-known fact that all businesses don’t have the access to an expert technical resource.

And to overcome this challenge, Skytesters brings to you the best production support services that are tailored to manage your production operations successfully and effectively.

Our Production Support Services consists of highly advanced technical features that every agile and evolving business process demands.

What makes Skytesters production support services efficient?

Skytesters have been efficiently providing Production Support services to various high profile clients from different domains. When you avail our services, we make sure that you receive the following benefits:

  • You get the best in class end-to-end solution at a minimized price.
  • It becomes easier for you to tackle the supply chain management.
  • You get access to the best forecasting, planning and inventory management tools.
  • You get advanced engineering support.
  • Reliability testings done on a regular basis.

Skytesters’ Expert Production Support Services:

We have a highly advanced production support services in place, that is specially crafted for supporting the organizations with legacy systems.

We provide a variety of services that include:

  • Configuration: Configuration of the items that were not included in the original project charter initially.
  • Database Data Corrections: Correction of the underlying data that’s present in the database tables. This is usually done when erroneous data is received as the user error.
  • Report Design and Development: This includes all kinds of changes or customizations made to the standard reports that are already available in the system.
  • Training: Advanced training provided for usage of 3rd party software packages that are actually sold to be used in parallel with the program.
  • Testing and Diagnostics
    1. Automating the test cases
    2. Interface validation
    3. Pro-active functional testing and bring-up practices at Module-level
    4. Testing the integrity
    5. Performing various Customized tests such as thermal, performance, in-circuit etc.
  • Support and Documentation
  • Providing both pre sale and post sales support
  • Providing online registration and documentation support.
  • We make use of highly advanced web browser emulation and scripted recordings of the transactions to actively monitor your website.
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