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Mobile Testing

Gone are the days when telephones used to be a mere appliance that sat in the corner of a room and was only used for voice communication. Times have changed and they are now an integral part of our existence. Mobile phones have been acting as pseudo-digital servants that perform the day to day application tasks which they are told to perform.

Mobile technology is evolving at a fast pace and continuously transforming the way people blend its use into their daily lives.

And because of this steep rise in the demand for mobile applications, organizations are now focusing more on creation of mobile strategies and the relevant roadmaps before making the application live for their users.

Skytesters ensure that you accomplish this feat through the professional mobile testing services that we offer. We make use of the latest testing tools and techniques to ensure that you have quality work delivered without any compromise.

We offer testing services across all the domains, platforms, mobile devices and operating systems.

Our expertise :

None of the test strategies or approaches that are used for testing the functionality of software is sufficient for a mobile application quality testing. Mobile app testing is a unique challenge that includes carrying out tests for mobile applications of diverse nature on various network configuration & settings, platforms and operating systems. This ensures that the intended functionalities of the application remain stable and doesn’t suffer from any kind of complexity or crash when executed.

We take into consideration the following aspects while providing a detailed application testing:

  • The user experience as a whole.
  • Physical aspects and the relevant characteristic features of mobile devices.
  • Operating system, kernel on which the OS is built etc.
  • System integrity.
  • Application and security distribution.

The wide range of mobile tests that you can choose from, when you opt for our services:

  • Compatibility test
  • Functionality test
  • User experience test
  • Performance test
  • Security test

Along with these above mentioned commons tests, we also provide a vivid range of unique services such as :

  • Support device lab setup
  • Mobile testing automation
  • An overall usability testing of the mobile where various factors such as user experience , reviews and competitive analysis are taken into consideration
  • Vulnerability testing that takes care of the operating system issue, issues related to data encryptions and static code analysis etc.
  • An extensive language testing where the display of language, currency and location calibration with regards to the language is done.
  • Application installation testing that ensures that the applications don’t face a hard stop during active installations, re-installations, uninstalls or upgradations.
  • Memory testing where various data storage issues or memory issues are tested and taken care of.

The progressive steps that we follow to implement a highly effective mobile app testing :

At skytesters, we follow these innovative steps that help us achieve a streamlined and highly successful mobile application testing:

  • Test Case Preparation : Outlining the test cases based on requirement
  • Script Identification : Identification and modification of reusable automation scripts
  • Manual Testing : manual test of all the applications based on pre-defined parameters
  • Automated Testing: follow up on the already in place manual testing using automation tools.
  • Usability Testing: cross checking applications for issues related to user interface, navigation, usage, functionality etc.
  • Performance Testing: overall performance check for the applications to ensure stability in operation.
  • Compliance Testing: Testing all the factors that are related to compliance and security, such as SSL validation, data bump checks etc
  • Device Testing : testing the practical usability of app by testing it on other devices running the same OS.
  • Reporting: Creation of data log of all the tests performed and generating the relevant reports.
  • Delivery : Final delivery of the test reports with the detailed in-depth analysis.

Why Choose Us ?

We deliver highly advanced testing services to our clients with more perfection and accuracy. You automatically get entitled to these brownies once you choose to continue your journey with us:

  • Timely project completion and deliveries at a price point that’s highly competitive and affordable.
  • Advanced end to end mobile testing services using the latest skills, tools and methodologies.
  • Extensive hybrid mobile application testing and development.
  • Practical approach towards mobile testing by using real devices, simulators and emulators to cater to the business needs and customized requirements of the clients.
  • Following an automated mobile test optimization that saves both time and money.
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