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IOT Testing

IoT has stepped into the technology industry recently and is definitely a developing and promising market. With IoT gaining more practicality, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. At the same time, the requirement for IOT testing is also increasing at a faster pace.

Skytesters Comprehensive IOT testing strategy offers an in-depth quality Assurance module for your organization. Our methodology includes various kinds of testing, a test Lab setup and the testing of tools and simulators that need to be deployed.

Skytesters IoT Testing Services

The Internet of Things is definitely evolutionary and it will require some testing practices to evolve and develop as well. Our highly proficient IOT testing services include the following :

  • Test Strategy : This involves an end-to-end QA strategy that covers a vivid set of web applications, testing types and methodologies, embedded devices etc.
  • Usability Testing: Usability and user experience testing is crucial because user perceptions vary about different multiple devices of different shapes and form factors.
  • Compatibility Testing: Compatibility testing, with a comprehensive test matrix is required to deal with an IOT system’s complex architecture.
  • Reliability and Scalability Testing: In this type of testing , a test environment that involves a simulation of sensors is built, that ensures reliability and scalability.
  • Data Integrity Testing: Since IOT has a huge collection of data and applications, it becomes imperative to conduct a data integrity test.
  • Security testing : Testing for User authentications, data access and its privacy and encryption becomes mandatory as a massive amount of data is being accessed by an enormous number of people.

Why opt for Skytesters IoT testing services ?

At Skytesters, we have expertise and professional experience in IOT Testing that makes the validation and testing of the IoT applications, a hassle-free process. We provide the following benefits to our clients :

  • Efficient end to end testing of Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication
  • We help in development and implementation of various Protocols such as :XMPP (D2S), IPv6, MQTT etc.
  • We provide an enhanced development and integration support for various technologies such as : embedded systems,Nano-electronics etc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling enterprises to build various connected, smart IoT applications in order to strengthen multiple dimensions of customer engagement and retention. According to recent market reports, the number of connected ‘things’ is set to explode and expected to reach 25 billion by 2020. Owing to these advances in IoT, connected and smart solutions will soon enable firms to use software to monitor customers’ real-world experiences and respond across the full range of consumer as well as business-to-business scenarios.

Challenges in validation of connected and smart IoT solutions

Given the unique characteristics of IoT applications, there are multiple challenges involved in their validation, such as:

  • Support for data volume, velocity, variety, and veracity
  • Complex use cases and real-time responsiveness
  • Performance requirements for high availability, rapid response, and local processing
  • Security and data privacy
  • Consistent user experience across various channels

How is Skytesters addressing these challenges?

Skytesters has developed a comprehensive QA strategy to handle these unique requirements and challenges associated with validating IoT applications. The Skytesters Test solution includes a combination of testing with actual devices, tools, and frameworks. Skytesters IoT Test Framework provides the capabilities required to perform functional validation, load simulation, and security verification. It can easily integrate with various IoT protocols and platforms, thus providing interoperability. Our in-house network variability testing tool can be used to recreate real-world network scenarios in a test environment. Furthermore, Skytesters UI-based automation tools combined with simulators can enable extreme automation.

Skytesters IoT validation offerings

Our collective expertise and offerings serve to make testing and validating IoT applications a simple, hassle-free experience. Our offerings provide end-to-end coverage for the testing and validation of IoT applications through:

  • Test strategy definition
  • User experience validation across various channels
  • Device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity and interoperability validation
  • Performance and scalability validation using actual devices and simulators
  • Device and cloud security validation
  • End-to-end automation


  • A comprehensive QA strategy that includes various types of testing, lab setup, latest tools and simulators.
  • User experience validation across all channels.
  • Metrics-driven exhaustive test execution to ensure stable platforms and applications. Conformance with the latest standards.
  • Smooth interoperability backed by data privacy and security.
  • Device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity and interoperability

Skytesters offers a QA strategy that validates IoT applications in a comprehensive manner. Our unique frameworks offer functional validation, load simulation, and security verification even as they integrate seamlessly with various IoT protocols and platforms. Skytesters's Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) offers various testing tools to simplify IoT Testing, along with access to its automation tools which make for super smart IoT environments.

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