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Functional Testing

Functional Testing is basically carried out to test the features or the active functionality of a system or specific Software. It covers all the scenarios ranging from boundary cases to the relatable failure paths.

An overall functional testing involves evaluation and comparison of the software functionality with the predefined requirement. And this mainly includes an effective black box testing methodology.

The overall testing process involves APIs, security, client applications, checking of User Interface, Database etc.

What do we test in Functional Testing?

At Skytesters, the key objective of Functional testing is to check the proper functioning of a software system along with other parameters such as :

  • Basic Usability: Checking if the users are able to use the software freely without any difficulties.
  • Mainline functions: Testing the main functions of the software application.
  • Error Conditions: Actively checking if the desired error messages are being displayed or not.
  • Accessibility: User accessibility check for the overall system.

Types of functional testing services we offer:

We have a team of highly experienced professional testers who carried out a variety of functional tests such as:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • White box testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Data Verification testing
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Requirements ambiguity testing

Advantages of doing a functional test:

Functional testing has a lot of pros. The main advantages are :

  • Functional tests help us identify bugs that never let an application serve its actual purpose.
  • The complex nature of functional tests helps us to tackle more complex scenarios by carrying out an effective functional testing.

Our Functional testing process:

  • Initiation of the testing process:
    The initiation stage includes producing a statement of work such as,
    • Impact analysis of the latest requirements
    • Identification of specific components of the system that might have changed recently
    • Reviewing the existing test case repositories etc
  • Test requirement and planning :
    This step is all about making estimation and planning how to carry out the overall testing. This includes:
    • Calculation of the estimates
    • Creation of a traceability matrix
    • Development of an efficient test plan
    • Assessment of the risks
    • Designing of the author test cases for the additional scenarios if any
  • Setting up of environment and test decision:
    Several crucial activities are carried out in this stage such as :
    • Configuration of the hardware /software
    • Creation of scenarios and cases for the test
    • Preparation of test data
    • Reviewing the existing data and refreshing it when required
  • Test execution and tracking of defects :
    This is the core stage of the entire testing process that involves the following steps:
    • Execution of the test
    • Capturing the test results
    • Making a log of the defects.
    • Participating in triage meetings
    • Sharing the insights
  • Closure of the report/ maintenance:
    This is the final stage of the overall testing process where we do the following summarizations:
    • Summarizing test reports
    • Publishing a defect summary report along with trend analysis.
    • Summarizing a recommendation report

What makes our functional testing services commendable?

We have been constantly winning a valued client confidence through our highly qualified functional testing solutions.

Our accurate and trustworthy services have always been praised by the clients since our inception.

And you can always count on us because of the following reasons:

  • We have been working dedicatedly to enhance the client satisfaction while using the software functions that were tested by us.
  • Guaranteed delivery of the best optimization for the software quality.
  • We constantly keep ourselves updated with the latest tools and methodologies to proactively meet the customized business requirements of our clients.
  • Providing an end to end validation of data integrity across various stages of the business.
  • Assured identification and tracking of defects with precision at a faster pace.
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