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DEVOPS Testing : Development and operations testing for your software

DevOps is a concept to abandon the barrier between Development and Operations to cater to a shorter and frequent delivery timeline.

Skytesters DevOps testing allows your organization to respond in a more agile manner to sync with the evolving business requirements.

In our specialized concept, the system engineers, security professionals, DBAs and the network engineers from the operations branch integrate flawlessly with the product engineers and developers in the development branch.

Why Skytesters Devops testing ?

We provide a robust model of DevOps, where the process of breaking down the differences between your QA, development and operations team becomes more practical. This results in a highly efficient automated approach to ensure an uninterrupted flow of integration and deployment.

Utilizing our DevOps testing services can guarantee you the following benefits :

  • Assured increase in production timings.
  • Comparatively lesser chances of issues to occur in live models
  • Reduced lag time between fixes.

Our DevOps testing methodology :

At Skytesters, the relevant codes are placed in the right environment by the developers and system engineers for an efficient integration and delivery.

In order to achieve this, we follow a systematic framework that focuses on four prime areas :

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring

Our Devops testing methodology comprises of the following steps :

  • Writing of code by the development team
  • Building of binaries and deploying them in a specific QA environment
  • Execution of test cases one by one.
  • Deployment of final application into production.

Skytesters have always been successful in enabling its clients to achieve the right amount of quality output through its DevOps engagements by:

  • Increasing automation for relevant quality validations to a great extent.
  • Making optimization of quality checks and test sets automated.
  • Provisioning virtual test environments and test data solutions in one single click.
  • Continuously monitoring the solutions with precise quality.
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