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Crowd Testing in simple terms, is the delegation of software testing, to a group of expert testers through an online platform.

Skytesters’ crowd testing platform is the most efficient and practical way to streamline an interactive production of software. Our professional testers guide the open source testers in the most interactive way. This helps in improving the overall quality of the web products and softwares that are published by the developers.

Crowd testing has the following advantages :

  • Instantaneity: Crowd testing is always instantly available within a short notice.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility factor of crowd testing forms the majority of USP for this service.
  • Real-world practical multi platform testing: By coordinating with a large community of testers from worldwide, you can ensure that your software or web app is tested in vivid real-world situations and platforms.

Crowd testing at Skytesters:

Skytesters’ crowd testing framework has a variety of testing services to offer that includes :

  • 1 Unit Testing
  • 2Compatibility Testing
  • 3Functional Testing
  • 4Usability Testing
  • 5Regression Testing
  • 6Localized Testing
  • 7Performance Testing
  • 8Automation Testing
  • 9User Acceptance Testing
  • 10Ad-Hoc Testing

Why should you opt for Skytesters crowd testing services in the first place ?

There are a lot of crowd testing services being provided by many open sourced communities and testing service providers. But what makes our Crowd testing services stand apart from the crowd are the following features :

  • 1 Scalability : Our highly practical crowd testing services gives you the leverage of flexibility that is required to scale your testing strategies.
  • 2 Speed : We provide the running of multiple test cycles at the same time, thereby saving a huge amount of time.
  • 3 Cost: We offer services that are most cost -efficient and budget friendly.
  • 4 Device Coverage: We offer you a wide range of coverage across various browsers and devices or platforms effortlessly without much investment.
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