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XP practices : Extreme programming practices for your software development

Skytesters Extreme Programming (XP) is the new breed of agile framework for software development that aims to produce high quality software for the development team.

It comprises of fast, simple and easy-to-use approach for software development.

Skytesters XP processes aim at lowering the cost of change by continuously introducing principles, basic values and practices.

By availing our XP services, the development project of your system becomes more flexible with regards to the infused changes.

Values we follow at Skytesters

At Skytesters, we follow the five values of XP which include :

  • Communication
  • Simplicity
  • Feedback
  • Courage
  • Respect

Goal of Skytesters XP services

Extreme Programming is always a sensible choice for most of the projects. So, the expert software testers at Skytesters always ensure to make extreme programming as :

  • A humble attempt of reconciling productivity and humanity
  • A social change mechanism
  • An improvement path
  • A development style
  • A new discipline in software development.

XP Practices Activities carried out at Skytesters :

XP describes four basic activities that are performed within the software development process:

  • Coding Coding can also be used to attain the most suitable solution. For example, one can always code the solutions and determine with automated tests , the various alternatives that can be formulated for a programming problem.
  • Testing If all tests that are run, provide positive results, then only the coding is complete and considered to be effective.
  • Listening Programmers should always listen to the needs of the customers and take action accordingly.
  • Designing Once a clear design structure that organizes a logic in the system is set up, the complexity and dependency of the system can be completely overcome.
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