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Big Data & Analytic Testing

Big data is a collection of extremely large datasets that can’t be processed using old school computing techniques. Testing of these huge chunks of data requires a variety of tools, methodologies and frameworks.

Skytesters offers concrete Big Data and Analytics Testing services, that ensures a meticulous testing approach with impeccable quality.

And to achieve this feat, the Big data testing methodology followed at Skytesters has its prime focus on performance and functional testing.

There are three types of processing data types, that our highly qualified testing QA engineers closely verify :

  • Real Time
  • Interactive
  • Batch

There are three types of data processing, that our highly qualified Test QA engineers closely verify:

Skytesters Big data testing methodology:

We follow a robust three step big data testing process at Skytesters that involve the following steps :

  • Data Staging Validation
  • MapReduce Validation
  • Output Validation

Specialized offerings from Skytesters’ Big data and Analytic Testing:

Data quality is a key factor in big data testing. It involves the checking of various factors such as accuracy, consistency, duplication, data completeness, validity etc

So, we provide our clients the following comprehensive Big data testing services :

  • Data Integration Testing
    • Completeness & Correctness of the source system
    • Business and Technical data quality maintenance
    • Completeness & Correctness of transformations and Subject Area Load
  • Data Repository Testing
    • This service just deals with the referential integrity of the data and system as a whole.
  • Analytic Layer Testing
    • Testing the correctness of each and every Analytic Report or the AD-HOC Environments in place.
    • End to end verification of the Drill-Path.
    • Final regression testing on the subsidiary data.
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