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API testing - Software testing for application programming interfaces

API testing is considered as one of the most challenging activities of QA testing. The reason being the complex nature of APIs which are often based on various standards and protocols that we don’t come across in common testing scenarios.

At Skytesters, we are pledged to make API testing way more reliable and effective for you. Our professional API software testers bring out best of the testing services that your organization demands for.

Is there really a need for API testing?

An API acts as a window to a software program, which allows its interaction with other programs. This doesn’t require the involvement of a software developer to share the entire code. And this makes us realize how crucial the testing of an API would become.

So, our specialized API testing services ensure the following benefits:

  • The API functions the way it is supposed to do.
  • The API handles the considerable amount of load that it should ideally do.
  • Various means of user interruptions in the functionality of API, will be identified and resolved.
  • APIs compatibility across various other platforms,devices,operating systems or browsers are verified.

What makes Skytesters’ API testing the best in class ?

Skytesters’ API testing guarantees that the APIs that we test and attempt to connect, perform their function in the most optimal manner.

Our specialized testing services concentrate on the areas that deal with data retrieval and storage. This helps us perform an in-depth testing on the logical aspects of the software and ensure a flawless communication of the application with its users.

We carry out our API tests under various feasible conditions. We stand a class apart in the services that we render because of the following factors :

  • We have a team of highly skilled testers who are experienced on a wide range of API protocols such as Gdata, XML, JSON, SOAP,REST,ATOM etc.
  • We perform an end to end testing of the various aspects of the API
  • We have a renowned reputation of having an expertise on working with the leading industry tools for API testing that are used for security, load and functional testing.
  • We carry out a projective automation of the API test cases.

The types of API Testing Skytesters offer:

We bring out to you the industry's most comprehensive and flexible API testing services.

Our highly streamlined API testing services ensure that your APIs perform the way they are expected to. We offer the following types of tests to our clients:

  • Functionality testing : Testing of the overall end to end functionality of the API.
  • Reliability testing: Testing the reliability factor of the API which ensures its consistent connectivity.
  • Load testing: Testing the ability of the API to handle different amounts of load in different scenarios.
  • Creativity testing: Testing the feasibility of API with different scenarios and environments that is going to be used in.
  • Security testing: Testing of permissions, authentication and access controls of the API that ensures the stability of the API from a security point of view.
  • Negative Testing: Verifying various areas of the API that can intake a wrong input provided by the user.
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