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Agile Testing

Agile testing is a kind of incremental model for testing. The software is tested in a rapid incremental cycle. This results in small exponential releases, which is thoroughly tested to ensure the maintenance of quality.

How effective is Skytesters’ Agile Testing ?

Change is the only constant thing. And with Skytesters’ agile testing services, you can enjoy the freedom with which new changes can be implemented at a comparatively lesser cost.

Our Agile Testing services assure you the following benefits :

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction by a continuous and rapid delivery of targeted software.
  • Emphasis is given to people and their interactions rather than the tools and process. The developers, testers and customers interact with each other at a constant pace.
    • Ample amount of time and money is saved.
    • An increase in delivery frequency of working software
    • More focus is given to technical excellence.
    • Late changes to the requirement are always welcome.

Types of Agile Testing carried out at Skytesters

At Skytesters, we follow four types of Agile Testing methods :

  • Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Session Based Testing
  • Exploratory Testing

Why opt for Skytesters’ Agile Testing services ?

We have an innovative way of agile testing that brings you the following advantages:

  • Minimized cost and time involved in fixing the defects.
  • Quality of deliverables becomes the responsibility of not only the testers, but the team as a whole.
  • Testing is done not only by testers, but also by developers.
  • An early testing of the products that are still in development can be facilitated.
  • You can find it much faster and easier to implement new changes in the requirement.
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